About Our Team

Dead Revolution Team
Devon Smart: Owner, President & Creative Director
Walter Phillips: Owner, Head of Marketing & Advertising 
Mikey Barris: Owner & CFO
Dead Revolution is the depiction of the revolving cycle of inequality that tends to repeat itself generation after generation. This level of cultural divisiveness has been perpetuated by the negative aspects of our life and continue to be driven by – Hatred, Racial and Gender discrimination, profiling and much more…
 Society’s inability or unwillingness to discuss or acknowledge these “categories” or “topics” will continue to be perpetuated until we are faced with them directly.  
Our hope, is to start a conversation by bringing these issues to the forefront and providing a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves and for those that are afraid to.
 We can no longer stand idle by, while the actions of some, continue to create a world of division. 
 It is our goal to help the world see, that without change…we will all live in a Dead Revolution.